After School Program

Award Winning After School Program

This program began in 1992 in Austin, TX by Grandmaster Michael J. Bainton, Ph.D. with a focus on responsibility to family and education first, and through martial arts we help build these values in our students. Central Texas Family Karate started in 2007 in Hewitt, TX and added a second location in 2016 in Robinson, TX. Although our schools are very well rounded and include striking, kicking, forms/ kata, weapons, self defense and ground fighting, our focus at Central Texas Family Karate is building good citizens first and world class martial artists second. Your child will be taught and mentored by a Martial Arts Hall of Fame instructor on a daily basis, helping them achieve their highest potential in the martial arts. The Ba Ki Do/ Bujutsu system has produced many world champion martial artists and has also received many other awards for martial arts, community involvement and citizenship.   

Schools we pick up from:

Midway ISD - Woodway Elementary, Hewitt Elementary, Spring Valley Elementary, South Bosque Elementary, Speegleville Elementary,  Woodgate Intermediate, River Valley Intermediate, Castleman Creek, Midway Middle School

Lorena ISD - Lorena Primary, Lorena Elementary, Lorena Middle School

Robinson ISD - Robinson Primary, Robinson Elementary, Robinson Intermediate

China Spring ISD - China Spring Intermediate 

After School Tips for Parents

If your child will not be attending that day

Please call 666-5425 by 2pm if your child will not need to be picked up as we consider them missing until we hear from you, and locating a teacher that knows your child’s exact whereabouts can be difficult. Please help us avoid delays to the program by doing your best to remember to call. 

For after school every day:

Please ensure your child has their uniform at all times in their locker. 

Please ensure your child has a combination lock on their locker. 

Please take the uniform home on Friday to wash it and ensure it comes back on Monday. 

Parents, please double check that your child's initials are printed on all of their belongings (uniforms, Bujutsu T-shirt, school clothing, etc). 

All children are required to bring a chore list every day that has the correct amount of chores and the name of their book on it. 

Pick up time is by 6pm. 

School Rules

Students Must:

1. Brush their teeth every night and every morning without being asked.

2. Must make their bed every morning, no exceptions.

3. Must do their chores. The number of chores is determined by their belt rank.

4. Must be respectful at home.

5. Must be respectful at school.

6. Must read every day.

Students are required to bring a chore list every day, listing their required chores and the name of the book they are reading. The chore list is NOT to include #1 or #2 listed above. #1 and #2 above must be done every day and are not considered a chore. The student will not be permitted to learn Martial Arts if they do not bring a chore list. We at Central Texas Family Karate feel very strongly about responsibility. The student making their own chore lists and bringing them every day is our way of ensuring that they are responsible enough to take Martial Arts.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Sensei Scott Bainton 


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