Please call 666-5425 by 2pm if your child will not need to be picked up as we consider them missing until we hear from you. Telling the teacher is not sufficient as your child's teacher is not usually the teacher that is with them when we pick them up from the school. Not telling us makes us try to hunt down that information which usually delays our program For after school every day: Please ensure your child has their uniform at all times in their locker. Please ensure your child has a combination lock on their locker. Please take uniform home on Friday to wash it and ensure it comes back on Monday. Parents, please double check that your child's initials are printed on all of their belongings (uniforms, Bakido T-shirt, school clothing, etc). We have several clothing items in the lost-and-found with no initials, so please check to see if your child has misplaced any items. Also, if your child does not have a lock for their locker, please provide a combination lock as soon as possible for security purposes (key locks are discouraged in case they lose both keys). All children are required to bring a chore list EVERY DAY that has their correct amount of chores and the name of their book on it. Pick up time is by 6pm. Students should not be doing evening classes unless given permission by Sensei. Award Winning After School Program: Please note: Our studio has an emphasis on skill training and should not be misconstrued in any way as a day care program. We focus on responsibility to family and education first, and through martial arts we build these values in our students. It is not important that your child become a "Bruce Lee"; some of the best martial artists are not necessarily the most talented, but the most courteous and respectful. Central Texas Family Karate builds good citizens first, and great martial artists second. The Ba Ki Do system has produced world champion martial artists, and is recognized internationally as the Martial Arts School of the Year in 2003. SCHOOLS: Woodway Elementary, Hewitt Elementary, Spring Valley Elementary, South Bosque Elementary, Speegleville Elementary, Woodgate Intermediate, River Valley Intermediate, Castleman Creek, Midway Middle School, Lorena Primary, Lorena Elementary, Lorena Middle School, Robinson Primary, Robinson Elementary, Robinson Intermediate, China Spring Primary. The cost of the after school program includes afterschool pickup. A registration fee of $110 is required which includes uniform, T-shirt, patches, parent handbook and membership fees. NO CONTRACTS.      After School Rates:        1st  Child  - $310 a month        2nd Child  - $300 a month        3rd  Child - $290 a month        4th  Child - $285 a month
Hewitt Location 211 W. Panther Way 254-666-KICK (5425)
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The Mission of Bainton Bujutsu is to combine the effectiveness of modern, combat tested, self-defense techniques with the structure and discipline of the traditional martial arts. We believe the traditions, forms and principles drawn from traditional arts are invaluable in achieving our ultimate goal of improving the lives of our families, our communities and ultimately our society as a whole.
Robinson Location 113 DeAnna 254-644-5667
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